SRS Health / SEL Curriculum

Our students are multi-faceted individuals. Their social-emotional well-being plays a role in their overall learning. Our Health/SEL Curriculum provides information to our students on how to handle life's bumps in the road. We want them to feel they can "bounce back" from setbacks. We want them to find their voice in how they build friendships and communicate with others. Our Physical Education teachers oversee the Health/SEL Curriculum programs and works with teachers to organize resources. We work to coordinate lessons to provide time to revisit any topics with a grade level, a small group, or any individuals. Parents would always be a part of any discussion should we see the need to do any individualized work around SEL/Health areas with students.
Here is an overview of our SEL/Health Curriculum - additional information is available on teacher's websites:

4th & 5th Grades
Character Education Units - these units are taught by the grade level Student Service teacher. The lessons/units focus on building students' understanding and respect of self and others. A wide range of units are planned to address topics around building friendships, leadership skills, service learning, resolving conflicts, handling life's ups and downs, etc.
At the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels, SEL/Health lessons are taught through Science, PE, and Advisory times. Here are key topics:

6th Grade
Goal Setting
Time Management/Study Skills
Internet Safety
Physical Safety, First Aid, Injury Prevention
Peer Pressure/Refusal Skills
Decision Making
Perspective Taking
Introduction/Review of the Health Triangle
Diet and Nutrition

7th Grade
Goal Setting
Time Management
Health Triangle
Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy Relationships
Internet Safety
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Environmental Health/Disasters/Volunteerism
Careers in Health

8th Grade
Goal Setting
Health Triangle
Body Image
Anabolic Steroids
Emotional IQ
Anger Management
Sex Education
Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship
Peer Mediation
Substance Abuse
Signs of Suicide
Loss and Grief

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